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Welcome to one of the most modern date-processing units in the world. Welcome to Horchani Dattes TM processing unit in Sabaa Abar. You are kindly invited to a guided tour to a flagship Tunisian technology, nestling in the heart of its original oasis, surrounded by tens of thousands of palm trees.

Horchani Dattes TM processing unit is fitted with sophisticated and ultra modern equipment which treats every year millions of tons of the highest quality dates in the world, and a farming unit that looks after pollinating the dates, irrigating them and picking them manually. These dates are then exported towards many countries throughout all the five continents.

Firstly, the dates are treated and selected, and then they are stored in cold rooms with a total storage capacity of most than 5000 tons.

The many conveyor belts and automated processing chains have made it possible to reach the impressive amount of up to 10,000 tons of dates of all varieties treated every year. Again, our know-how and diligence have helped Horchani Dattes TM products excel.

The processing unit is also fitted with a laboratory for physiochemical and bacteriological analyses and control, and equipped with all the necessary machines needed to control quality and check our products at all the stages of processing.
Thanks to the various processes used within the processing unit, being certified ISO 9002, HACCP and BRC, the strict quality control at all stages of production remains our first and ultimate objective. Horchani Dattes TM owns, as well, a unit for Organic dates called Horchani Bio Dates, which treats 1,000 tons of dates per year certified by ECOCERT, BIO SUISSE and NOP.

Horchani Dattes TM aims to doube and even triple its production of conventional and organic dates within the next few years and aims at being a high performance company, always innovating, and the best in its field.